Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Review

Posted on 15. Feb, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Lose Fat And Gain Muscle
Standard Price: $59.95
Author: HR Fitness Inc.
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 07th Oct 2010
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Publisher’s Description

Life Time Natural Physique Star & Best Selling Author Thumbs Nose At “Genetic Limits” & Progress Plateaus Then Reveals The Science Behind Gaining Muscle Mass & Getting Ripped.

  • A simple trick that enables you to boost your metabolism dramatically and lose tons of body fat as you keep or even gain muscle!!
  • How to eat at fast food restaurants and still not destroy your diet!
  • The NUMBER ONE SECRET to consistent muscle mass gains, that very few people understand.
  • The one simple trick you need to follow in your workouts to TRIPLE it’s effectiveness.
  • The single biggest MYTH about gaining muscle mass fast (and how to use it to your advantage)

User Reviews

Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Review7.3103
  1. Jonathan Burr February 2016 #
    Hugo, I have been following your BRE Program and as you can see I have gotten great results from it! I was 155lbs, now 200 lbs I have gained around 45lbs following your teachings. Sorry I didn’t record bodyfat level, Unfortunately as it was never a concern of mine but I certainly dropped a lot of fleshy fat as well. Thanks so much!!
  2. Don Michie February 2016 #
    I just wanted to say that after 20+ years of weight training your system is amazing. I’ve gained 15 lbs of muscle mass while keeping my bodyfat between 8-10%.
  3. David Miles February 2016 #
    I love that the system is just easy to use. I’m no expert at building muscle and I’ve purchased other programs online that just left me confused, with body re-engineering i could get started immediately and follow the diet and training plans from day 1, it’s like painting by numbers which suits me. I started on March 19th and 18 weeks later, I’ve now lost 11lbs of fat and gained 14 lbs of muscle and 1″ on my arms, with abs I can now just about see, I’m excited to see what happens by the end of the full 21 week program. I will keep you up to date.

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